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Discovering Apuan Alps

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

Travelling in Versilia also means exploring the majestic Apuan Alps, whose peaks reach a height of 2000 meters and which offer a spectacular view of the territory, giving unforgettable views in every season of the year. The particular proximity of the mountains to the sea makes our area even more unique, which proves once again suitable for every type of traveller and offers various opportunities for experience.

Our mountains, however, are famous not only for their extraordinary beauty and their magnificence but also for their extractive qualities of marble, so precious  that the great Michelangelo moved for a long time in our area so that he could use it to sculpt his works.

They are also easy to reach and explore: starting from Stazzema, a town in the historic Versilia where you can reach by car or for those who prefer, by bike, there are many paths that lead to the highest mountains. These trails are considered safe and under the control and maintenance of the CAI, the Italian Alpine Club.

There are also numerous refuges that offer refreshment and rest to visitors and that give the opportunity to taste the specialties of the place.

For the more sporty and adventurous the recommended activities are:

  • Trekking: for all hiking lovers who love to walk in the most unspoilt nature and breathe in the clean air of the high mountain.
  • Climbing: for the most daring, adventurous and courageous, climbing is ideal to blend mind and soul with the majestic mountain peaks.
  • Mountain biking: for the most experienced bikers, the territory of our Alps, and especially that of Garfagnana, is extremely suited to practice and training.

For more information we recommend that you visit these websites: : association of alpine and environmental guides and experts from our mountainous area. Through this portal you can book excursions with environmental guides. : official website where you can access the list of refuges and vie ferrate and consult maps and legends. : by accessing this web platform it is possible, among other things, to have access to a virtual map with indicated paths, refuges, passes, foci and sites of naturalistic, landscape and historical interest.


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