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Carnival of Viareggio 2021

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

This event starts on 03 July 2021

Viareggio is undoubtedly synonymous with summer holidays, sea and fun in the nightlife, but it is also the city of Carnival par excellence!

It is here in fact that every year, for a whole month, come to life in the spectacular sea walk the mastodonic floats, which for over a century have been the symbol of the Tyrrhenian town.

The artists: the "carristi"

To realize the huge allegorical floats of the Carnival of Viareggio are the Masters builders of Viareggio who have evolved the technology of the works and have handed down the secrets of a trade that is unique in the world.

Today the "carristi" are able realizers also of works, sculptures and preparations (also extra carnival) and turn out to be to the vanguard, constantly looking for modern and innovative materials that allow them to give birth to realizations adaptable to every space and need while continuing to use papier-mâché (cartapesta in italian language). These artists also engage in the creation of works intended to last over time, even in outdoor exhibitions.

Also for this edition you can enjoy a preview of what will be the allegorical buildings of 2021 by taking a look at the sketches, or the scale models of large works: nine allegorical floats of the first category, five of second one, nine masked in groups and ten isolated masks.

The show: the parade

For this year the capital of the Italian Carnival gives appointment to the great Masked Courses 2021 on September & October!


Saturday, September 18 - 6 pm

Sunday, September 26 - 16 pm


Saturday 2 October - 6 pm

Sunday 3 October - 4 pm


Saturday 9 October - 6 pm






Expires on 10 October 2021

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