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Carrara and its Marble

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

The coast, washed by the Ligurian Sea, has large sandy beaches, on which they arose, from 1851, three long loading docks replaced in the thirties of the last century with a masonry port located on the border with the Municipality capital of Massa that offer ample opportunities for recreation during the summer season.

The territory is part of the Regional Natural Park of the Apuan Alps.

Carrara is the most important center in the world for the processing of marble with regard to the extraction and processing of marble, which is extracted from the nearby Apuan Alps.



During the Iron Age, in the territory surrounding the future Carrara were settled the Ligurian Apuans, whose oldest traces date back to the ninth century BC; these populations, forged by the harshness of their territory, gave a hard time to the Romans, who struggled to impose their supremacy.

The city originated in Roman times, after the conquest of Liguria occurred during the second century BC The toponym can be traced back to the Latin carrāria (street), that is "road for wagons", as well as other similar examples in Tuscany (such as Carraia).

You can visit the marble quarries, for example the Roman one, worked since the first century AD for the construction of temples and palaces.

Carrara marble is famous all over the world and in fact with it were made some of the most important architectural and sculptural works in the world.

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