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Gombitelli, a small village in Versilia

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

GOMBITELLI is a village and it counts 100 inhabitants. Gombitelli is to the slopes of Monte Calvario and it is the best point of departure to walk in the woods on the beautiful Apuan Alps.

The village is to 500 mt of height, born around the castle belonged to the nobles of Montenegro. In the Middle Ages, the castle was attached by Lucca's army and completely destroyed and abandoned in the XIII century. Only the ruins of habitations and of two towers remained.

The sight that it enjoys of little streets of the village, it arrives until the seas, Lago di Massaciuccoli and Mar Tirreno. The houses are the witnesses of flourishing activity of iron processing. The signs of the fires that they were useful to forge the metal, they are visible in the most ancient houses.

This processing was really important. The processing of the nails named "gavorchi". They were ugly and not finished for the square section because they were useful to the carpentery. In Lucca, in fact, an ugly person is named "un gavorchio". The tradition of iron is fruit of the colonization of the village by German smiths in the retinue of the Emperor Charles V and the track of this past is visible in the walls of the same houses mixed to the lime and the cement. So we can find some rests of iron and processing wastes. The Gombitelli's nails are used for the shoes of poor soldiers of the war 15/18.



A little people know that Gombitelli was a linguistic island really interesting. An unique dialect was spoken that,unfortunately, it is gone into disuse. Only some ancient remembers the words but these few words, make us listen to the voice of old inhabitants, the particularity of this language. This incomprehensible dialect is born after the colonisation of the territory aside the strangers who probably came from Parma's appennines and they kept the language and the skills to work the iron for centuries. The dialect felt of other influences too, in fact, we can find some galloromaniche, piemontesi and lombarde words.


THE GOMBITELLI'S CUTS, an italian excellance.

The first thing that we associate to little village of Gombitelli is the famous production of cuts and butchery as biroldo, the mortadella nostrale and the lardo rosa that it competes with the Lardo di Colonnata.

The cuts of Family Triglia and Cerù are a typical excellance. Every produit is prepared in a handcrafted way, using raw materials of high quality, selected by expert butchers. The skilful workmanship of meals is a secret recipe handed down from father to son that it characterises the unique and unmistakeable taste of Gombitelli.

After you will find a photo of lardo rosa and a video of this wonderful village.





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