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Pasta Tordellata tipica Versiliese

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

Here the recipe for a excellent plat typical of Versilia: the pulp!

Ingredients for 6 people:

for the pulp:

- 1 kg of white flour

- 2 eggs

- water

- salt 

for the sauce: 

- 300 gr of beef

- 20 gr of pork

- 1 fresh sausage

- 300 gr of ricotta

- 800 gr of chards and boiled spinaches

- 700 gr of tomato sauce

- 2 spoons of preserve

- a handful of dried mushrooms

- grated Parmesan cheese

- celery

- onion

- carrot

- butter

- 1/2 glass of wine

- extra virgin olive oil

- one clove of garlic

- three cloves of carnation

- one piece of cinnamon

- parsley

- nutmeg

- thyme 


for the sauce:

Soak the mushrooms in hot water. Make a beaten with smells and fry sweetly in a large pan (better if in earthenware) with oil. Just the smells are wilted, add the meal and crumbled sausage, the nails of carnation, the cinnamon and to continue browning over low heat adding salt. Unite the mushrooms, the wine and to mix with water in soaking. Just the all picked up, add the tomato sauce and the preserve diluted in a glass of water, then add the salt.

Lower the flame to a minimum and let to continue for almost two hours, taking care to control and to mix often, adding the hot broth in the case the sauce withdraws too.  

Chop the meat with the crescent and to carry on the cooking. Wash chards and spinaches and boil the green parts. Drain the spinaches, wring out them and cut them with the crescent, so flavor in a pan with a knob of butter. Just warmed, mix the vegetables in a bowl with the cinnamon crushed with a fork. Unite a little grated nutmeg , the leaves of thyme , the salt and the pepper. Now, mix to the sauce and make to continue with the cooking for two minutes.


for the pasta:

Place the flour on the pastry board, break the eggs, a pinch of salt and warm water to make the dough. With the rolling pin, 




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