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Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

Pieve a Elici, the name refers to the Lecci's forest that it covers the hill between XI and XV century, we can see someone of them  in front of the church.


The origin of Pieve goes up to the High Middle Age, following the tradition would be one of the Pievi built between V and VI century from San Frediano, Lucca's bishop.


The Pieve a Elici's church became with passing of the years always more important thanks to her simplicity too, the exemple is the baptismal font to immersion, rebuilt with the old material; in the triangular bath, the inhabitants of the place and of neighboring zones came baptized.


A wonderful triptych in marble, symbolised La Madonna con il bambino, San Pantaleone in the right newsstand and San Giovanni Battista in the left.

The side altars are surmounted by two wonderful frescoes; la Madonna con il bambin Gesù and a Crocifissione, gone up to the XIII and XVII century.


As much as famous is Il Campanile con merli Ghibellini, tall 29 metres, was built in the XI century like tour of guard.

In the XII century was transformed in campanary tower.


Pieve a Elici | Terra di Versilia


Una serata profumata di storia a Pieve a Elici in Toscana – Moving4310

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