Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore - Versilia

Sail boat class, surf class and much more!

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

The Vela Campus Maior School with site at Circolo Velico Lido di Camaiore, in front of Piazza Castracani, offers some courses and services opened to people, disabled too, starting from 6 years of age.

Under the guide of instructors, the students learn not only to navigate safely the sail boat but the importance of respect for others and nature too.

The courses consist in:

- sailing course basic, intermediate and advanced for kids;

- sailing course for adults with private lessons;

- sailing course basic of surf and sup;

- sailing course basic and full of windsurf.

It's possible to hire some sail boats and surfboards and sup.


For more informations:

Contacts: 05841811048




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