Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore - Versilia

The sea of Versilia

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

Versilia's beach is part of INTERNATIONAL SANCTUARY for marine Mammals  "PELAGOS", a protected sea aerea in 1999 thanks to an agreement between Italia, Francia and Principato di Monaco finalized to protect the dolphins and their habitat.

It focuses on bigger site of Mediterraneo to protect the bottlenose dolphin. The Sic on the beach focuses on the triangle that it extends between the communs of Pietrasanta and Piombino until to the isles Gorgona, Capraia and Maloria's shoals, for a surface of beyond 3400 km2. About the dolphins, the CE.TU.S no-profit specialised on the research about dolphins, it has begun her study and monitoring activities on the Versilia cost and it organises some sailing boat itineraries for who wants to know the dolphins. It's during recognitions that it has happened the first meeting with the group of dolphins marine, that they usually live in the near of the costs, in the sea where there's food, clean water and not excessive and external disturbances. They are gathered in big groupes, but in particular periods of the year, they split up in groupes: the females with the kids and the males with adults. It is during the spring-summer that they live in front of Versilia's cost to gather all for the period of love and the reproduction, the dolphins have a gestation of six months. Nowadays, 200 specimen to live permanently in this area, in groupes  of 50-80 dolphins that they hunt together, they mate and they grow their babes. The pack leader is the adult dolphin, in general more experienced, that he directs the group, determining the displacements for the hunting and for the defence of the babes. He helps the future mothers, swimming always at the head of the group and all other dolphins follow him. Different cooperatives organise some excursions during the day. To accompany the tourists are marine biologists with a quick and expert eye. The visits are on board, with lunch allowing to meet other marine animals, swordfish, manta reys, turtles, tunas, moon fish.

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