Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore - Versilia

Vila Argentina, jewel of Viareggio

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

Villa Argentina, a wonderful artistic and architectural jewel, situated in Viareggio, Fratti street corner Vespucci street, datable around to the 1926, period of cultural envelopment, artistic and turistic.

The establishment is a masterpiece in Liberty style and Art Nouveau of first '900.

The name comes from the argentine origins of the first chef, Francesca Racca Oytana.

Her daughter Josefina Racca will bring extensions and aesthetic improvements, making of her a unique good of her kind.

Just her, lover of the customed dances, made to make the famous Hall of Dance.


The structure stayed the same during the second world war too.

In the '50 years the chefs, for the beautiful position, they decided to transform the villa in a pension, that it failed in '80 years.

From here the first long years of abandon would be beginnen, lasted 30 years.

In the 2015 Villa Argentina became property of Lucca province curing the delicate phases of restoration, protecting with passion and engagement his lofty and admirable historical and artistic value.




To the ground floor we find a big hall, called hall of mirrors or hall of dance, once for the dance. The hall is composed by gilded stuccos on the walls and ceilings. The wall of the hall is the central point, where it is possible to admire the big painting called "Persian Marriage". The work is of the sardinian painter,  Giuseppe Biasi, it came made in 1930 on request of the chefs of the time, the earls of Saint Elia. The walls are adorned by mirrors with frames made with the special technique of the mechanisation, or the gilding with an intense color using the silfer leaf. To the ground floor, we find a loggia too closed by the stained glass made when it was a board. The floors of the ground floor are built in black marble and it is possible too to see the symbols of the chefs of the era on the stained glass windows at the entrance.

The upper floors reach with a silvered iron staircase that alone is a visit to the villa.

At the third floor, we find a wonderful terrace, where it is possible admire the ceramics made by Galileo Chini, profuced by the furnaces of Chini of Borgo San Lorenzo, in Florence. 

Cherubs, floreal decorations and oriental motifs indicate the love for East.

A turret dominates all the structure of the villa, non accessible to public for security reasons.

In the wonderful garden, it is possible to admire some flowers beds with a typical vegetation of the gardens of beginning century and plants of American origins, between them the corals tree when his flower is the symbol of Argentina.

The villa, after years of abandon, from 2015 is seat of exhibitions and cultural events, becoming in this way a place where to sweare eternal love and where it is possible to celebrate marriages and civil unions in the wonderful hall of dance, thanks to Viareggio commun.

We advice to admire this beautiful structure in the hearth of Versilia. 

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