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Camaiore and its culinary deligths

Hotel Bracciotti Lido di Camaiore

Travel has always been considered a cure-all for the soul and the spirit, which, detaching itself from its nest, seeks inspiration and new ideas around the world, making a direct acquaintance with other cultures and living first hand different customs and customs. In the journey all the five senses are involved in the discovery and experience and the taste is undoubtedly one of those who, even once back home, takes us back with the mind to live extraordinary memories. Who, eating a tasty croissant, does not think of Paris? Who, drinking a fresh beer, does not think of English or German pubs?
Our territory offers a wide range of choices also with regard to the pleasure of food, with sweet and savory culinary specialties and recipes that are traditionally handed down from generations. Even today in Camaiore, in the hamlets of the town and in the area of Versilia in general there are many different shops where you can taste and buy typical culinary products that will not disappoint you.


The Bagnoli brothers, Luca and Michele, constitute the fifth generation of their family of food merchants, it is the great-grandfather Corrado in fact who first starts a resale in Certaldo adopting a commercial slogan all his own: "Cheeses, wines and oils are good from Bagnoli".
After a long wandering between Tuscany and Piedmont the Bagnoli family arrives in Viareggio where at the end of the '60s his father Pierluigi begins to be a street vendor: sells mainly sweets and biscuits but also meats and cheeses of the highest quality.
In 1984 he opened the current store, which specializes in dairy products.

Michele and Luca grow up in the shop and in the van at the markets: it is the father who gives birth to their passion for this job by teaching their children that "only by having fun you can do things well". Yeah, the passion: the two brothers are really passionate about their work, you understand, and their strength is expressed by the direct knowledge of virtually all the cheese producers whose products they have on sale, their belief is to bring the producer closer to the customer and it often happens that the buyers themselves report the names of shepherds who produce quality cheeses.
Their attention to detail certainly does not overlook the seasonality, so much so that in a year are several hundred cheeses to rotate on the counter. It is important to remember that, if France has had the foresight to aim to make known to the world about 300 cheeses, in Italy we have thousands deriving from ancient traditions, so small that they do not have the strength to make themselves known precisely because of the limited availability. The strength of this workshop is to bring to the knowledge of all these small productions, but without doing without the excellences of the Alps, English and Iberian.

The new store in Lido di Camaiore on the Via Italica street has a formula somewhat different from that of Viareggio, with the wood oven from which they bake their sourdough bread and verna flour.
The family has not abandoned the sale to the markets that continues to carry on with love giving them the opportunity to get in touch with many people. On Monday you will find them in Lido di Camaiore in front of the pier, on Thursday in the center of Viareggio, on Friday in Camaiore and on Saturday in Marina di Pietrasanta.

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Via della Carraia 46, Camaiore (LU) - Tel: 0584/915606

Welcome to the farm and farm shop "Short Chain" - Azienda Agricola Le 4 Stagioni (Farm the 4 seasons)

Here is another family business of great quality of our territory.
Andrea and Silvana are the second generation of butchers and farmers and, still very young, they decided to stay in their land, expanding the production of vegetables and expanding the stables and cattle and pig breeding together with their father Silvano. On the counter of the farm shop you can find beef from their stable, Chianina and Piedmontese breed and pork as the Cinta Senese. Here you can find the famous steaks "Fiorentina", trippa etc.
Even the noricineria is no less, with selected products from the best quality of the territory and the unmissable sausages of Silvano, handmade following the ancient tradition of Tuscan butchers.

Also in the store, nestled in the countryside of Camaiore, you can buy the fruit and vegetable products of Andrea and Silvana directly from their surrounding fields: leaf vegetables, stem, fruit, roots, bulbs and tubers, such as the famous Versilia potatoes of the sand, and tasty melons, all strictly cultivated in the open air.

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Via del Fortino, 43 - Lido di Camaiore (LU) - Tel: 0584 610021

An unmissable place where you can enjoy the delicacies of the tradition of Tuscan cuisine and street food, such as the sandwich with lampredotto or porchetta and buy some of the best steaks of meat selected directly by the owner.

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Viale Colombo, 27 - Lido di Camaiore (LU) - Tel: 0584 66286

The LUCIANO Fishmonger has been for about 40 years one of the main fishmongers in the territory of Lido di Camaiore.
From the beginning, thanks to the passion of Father Luciano, the store offers its customers the best local fresh fish from our seas.
Every day you can buy fresh local fish, with which to prepare your favorite dishes, listening carefully at the fish shop all the steps necessary for the realization of the best seafood recipes of the Versilia tradition.

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